Tyre & Rim Guard with Fine Support

At some point, your vehicle has likely been damaged by the deterioration of our roads. Rely on our Tyre & Rim Guard for repairs or replacements required after accidental damage/loss caused by uneven road surfaces and potholes. Not only will this save you money, but it will not affect your Cash Back Plus payout. To give you even more value for your money, we’ll also include our Fine Support benefit for quick and efficient traffic fine monitoring and notification.

What can I claim for?

  • You can claim for the repair or replacement of the tyres and rims fitted on your vehicle that is accidentally damaged by potholes or uneven road surfaces.
  • You can claim for 2 tyres and 2 rims up to the limit of your selected plan per year.

How do I make changes?

  • To make changes to your policy, call our customer care centre on

    086 100 1144

    and one of our helpful consultants will assist you.
  • Any change or cancellation will be effective from the time and date agreed to.
  • If we need to make changes or cancel your policy we will give you 31 days’ written notice.

How do I claim?

To claim on the Tyre & Rim Guard policy, contact our call centre on 086 100 1144 from Monday to Friday, between 08:00 and 17:00 and one of our helpful consultants will guide you through the process.

How do my payments work?

  • Your Tyre & Rim Guard policy is payable on a monthly basis through debit order. Your premium is deducted on the date stated on your schedule to provide cover for the following month.
  • If, in the month following the activation of your policy (and onwards), we do not receive your premium on the due deduction date, you will be allowed a 15-day period of grace in which to pay your premium. If we still do not receive your premium after these 15 days, you will not have cover for that month.

Exclusions include:

  • Damage to tyres and rims on vehicles used for racing and/or speed reliability testing.
  • Damage to tyres and rims from a vehicle accident, hijacking or theft, covered by comprehensive vehicle insurance.
  • Damage to tyres and rims due to misuse, neglect or malicious damage.

Fine Support

What is covered?

With Fine Support, you’ll get quick and efficient traffic fine monitoring and notification service plus assistance in securing discounts on new fines if available.

What are the limitations?

  • You may only claim for vehicles registered under the Tyre & Rim Guard product with the Fine Support benefit.
  • Your premiums must be paid in full at the time the fine is issued.
  • You will be liable for the payment of the actual fine/s.
  • At the time the fine is issued, you must comply with all the legal and regulatory requirements of the National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996) and other relevant legislation.


We will not provide assistance for the following fines received by policyholders:

  • Pre-existing fines
  • Where no fine value is posted because the offense went straight to court.
  • Where the arrest warrants have already been issued

See your policy schedule for a full list of exclusions.